I am sorry I have been a bit slack with this recently. I have just been rushed off my feet, framing, painting, all sorts. I just don’t seem to get 5 minutes at the moment. Teddy’s portrait got framed and posted out today, and possibly another one will be posted out this week, but more likely Monday next week. That is the double Cavalier KIng Charles Spaniel portrait. I am so tired I haven’t even made it upstairs to scan it today, but I will do tomorrow.

I have wastage and I often recycle boxes and cardboard and fashion a new box out of old ones. Any thing to help the environment, I like to do my bit. Anyway my friend was over with her baby today, I had my hands full and had a call of nature and the only safe place to put her was in the box! Yes I was watching her the whole time, she loved the rustle of the paper, love her. I can’t believe she is 4 1/2 months old and I was lucky enough to watch her come into the world.

My cheeky puppy Maggie also had us in hysterics when she couldn’t find her way out of a huge blanket my other dog Luke lies on Even better I manage to catch it on a video. Why is it you normally miss it each time you try to film it!

Next week I am on my walk leader course for my Nordic Walking group so I am losing a days work and I also have my Christmas lunch and walk take two on Saturday as they ha a power cut last time, so I really need to get my finger out the rest of the week and week end. I may even skip my Monday walk, but I am not sure yet. I just have so many pet portraits to get through its crazy!

It’s been another crazy busy day framing today. The two spaniels had to be sent out as I really needed to clear the space in my living room! I only live in a little cottage and space gets taken up very quickly! That is two pet portraits framed and posted in two days!

I am now continuing with the quadruple border collie dog portrait this evening. I am tired again, so not sure how far I will get, but actually getting really worn out is fantastic news for me as my sleeping has been really poor the last few weeks. I can get to sleep, but I have been waking at least 3 or 4 times a night, which in turn makes so me so tired during the day and need to nap, making the problem worse. I hope I have managed to break this annoying habit now.

Tomorrow I plan to work more on this portrait and I have sketched out another labradoodle portrait and also make a good start on the akita portrait I have to do. I feel it is going to be a very, very busy week or two ahead, especially as I am losing a day in London next week and a also a day the following week as Maggie is going in for her spay. I know I won’t be able to to work then, I will be worried sick about her. I cannot wait until it is over to be honest!

Today was a slightly slower paced day after the manic two days of framing and posting of two recent pet portraits. The Akita portrait will be underway tomorrow so please look out for the blog post when it goes up. I have sketched out and stated work on a graphite portrait. I have done a few for this client and they have been all in graphite. It’s not a medium I get asked to use a lot, but I love the opportunity to use different medium for my pet portraits. As I don’t use this medium often it is really refreshing. This one is going to have an interesting twist added to it, some colour. Now I have never done one like this so I haven’t quite worked out how it is going to come together. I think I will write a blog about how I go about this, as it will be interesting to read back some day and also as a reference point as to how to improve. I have started putting down the graphite, but not too dark yet……anyway I’d better stop otherwise there won’t be anything to write in the blog tomorrow!

Today was a lovely day. I had a great walk with my Noric walking group and a really delish brunch. I had stilton and mushrooms on toast with caramilise onions with sweet potato chips. I ate the lot and then we ha a takeaway tonight. All guilt free as I walked 9.6km or virtually 6 miles. That has got to have given me room to squeeze in some extra calories!

Tomorrow I really need to pull my thumb out, no lying in for me as I have mega amounts of work to do and I was so chilled after the lovely start I never really got focused. I also had a child free afternoon for the first time in, well I can’t remember how long, so I took advantage of that and watched some more of the documentary I am really into at the moment. The kids always moan when I put it on!

Well I was true to my word and I had an amazingly constructive day today. I did have a lie in until 9am as my sleep was a little broken, but then it was head down and work. I finished the border collie portrait and I am delighted with how it has turned out. Please visit the blog to read more on these handsome four.