What can I say, its been crazy! I don’t feel like I have stopped the last few days. What with Maggie’s escapade, work, framing that most definitely hasn’t been going my way, and trying to squeeze in my normal Nordic Walks to save my sanity it’s been a whirlwind few days! Hopefully tomorrow should be somewhat more normal! I hope. I have to pack up Cruz’s portrait ready to be posted. I am just waiting for a card from my client to go in the parcel. I have the two framed dog portraits, Baiza and Morton to finish getting ready for delivery to my client Thursday. Just waiting to hear from and two unframed pet portraits to post tomorrow too.

Amongst that I need to place a stock order for Mind, order my next lot of frames for my next pet portrait commissions and work out the order I am going to paint them in. I tend to pull them down in batches of two or three to work out whats next.

Apart from that there hasn’t been a lot to tell. I will update you all with my recent finished pet portraits tomorrow. For now I am off to chill as I need to be up early! Catch up tomorrow 🙂

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday. It was a weird old hot and yucky day. I was up early to walk the dogs and even then it was verging on being too hot. I am afraid they didn’t go out today. I don’t think they are particularly happy with me, but I am sure you will all agree it was far too hot for dog walks. Their paws could get burnt on the pavements, nevermind the risk of heat stroke. Its just not worth it.

I have finished 4 jolly splashes paintings and I am waiting for payment to get them in the post tomorrow and poor hubby has a trip to. London in this ridiculous heat to make a delivery for me. I feel awful I have picked the hottest day of the year for him to do this. They are also predicting Storms. We missed most of them last night but the rest of the country got quite the battering I believe. We have missed them all this year. I hope we miss tomorrow’s too. I am going for my blood test early so I can get back before the heat really builds and any Storms arrive. I hope you all manage to stay cool. Tomorrow I will be starting a new blog on my latest Pet portraits. First one up being Henry the English Bulldog! My first ever English Bulldog commission. So excited.

I am not sure I have much to add to anything today. It is far too hot to talk, think or exist. My dogs have struggled, I have struggled. I want a storm. No luck there either. Tomorrow I will update you on my latest Pet portraits, for now I am going to melt….. I hope you are all coping OK in the heat.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the heat couple with a night of Storms, seems like they were mainly confined to the South East I have been surviving on 3 hours sleep today. I have just crawled into bed as my body seems to be failing me now. Well mainly my eyes. I am seeing double and I just can’t function any more. The good news, despite being so tired I managed to get Henry’s pet painting nearly finished. I am so pleased with it. Just the back groin bd and finishing touches and on to the next one. I have quite a lot to get in with this month, including some gift voucher pet portraits.

Anyway I apologise for my lack of any useful communication tonight and I promise I will be more with it tomorrow for you!