I hope everyone has enjoyed the gorgeous bank holiday weather, we were at a wedding yesterday. My cousin got married yesterday and I was so pleased that the weather was good for him. For me it was almost too hot and luckily I don’t think the dogs cared that much that they were left all day because of the heat.

I am busy juggling about 4 pet portraits at the moment, still all the spaniels. However I am getting nearer to finishing them and then I can scan and show you them! I feel so bad for not being able to show you any new work for such a long time. I am off walking around the kent countryside tomorrow with my Nordic walkers and then it will be back to the drawing boar tomorrow. I hope by the end of the day to have the two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels finished and then I have a rather sweet and unusual dog to paint as a wedding gift. Tuesday I want to get the both double dog portraits nearly finished and then I need to double check my schedule I was hoping to escape down to the coast or away for one night while the hot weather is here. We shall see. I wish I hadn’t felt so ill for so long as it’s cost me quite a bit of my summer relaxation time. Never mind can’t win them all!

I am going to upload some of the progress shots of the current pet portraits. I hope they upload the right way as my mobile phone always seems to do it wonky. If they do please accept my apologies until I get a chance to get on my laptop and correct them!

Wooop success for the first double spaniel dog portrait!

Oh wow, I am on a roll here, second pet portrait commission I am working on!

Wow so we are officially one week and counting to the end of the 6 week summer break. Blink and you would have missed it! I had a lovely nordic walk around Kent this morning and I can’t wait to get back to updating my blog properly and my facebook page etc. I feel with everything that has gone on this summer I have been really lax in keeping you posted, but what can you do?! Sometimes life just gets in the way. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get at least one of my recent pet portraits scanned in for you, if not three. I need to try and get up there before the heat builds up too much as apparently it’s going to be another scorcher tomorrow. At least it is a nice way to see out the summer holidays! Stand by for some pet portraits tomorrow! Yeeeehaw!

I did it. I braved the heat of the loft room after my daughter awoke at 10am this morning she is a teenager after all, and scanned in two pet portraits. These are the 6th and 7th dog portraits for my client and I am honoured to do them for him as he works fostering dogs and I have painted many of their portraits now.

Meet Mango and Perry

Mango, pastel pet portrait of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with brown background
Perry, another pastel dog portrait. Cavalier King Charles spaniel on a brown background

And I have finally scanned in the double spaniel portrait. You did see a progress shot of this further up in the blog, but I am really delighted with how the finished pet portrait has turned out especially the heather. I works really well with the two dogs I think. What do you think? Don’t forget you can see many more of my spaniel portraits in the dog portrait gallery.

Oh I am so happy, I made it into the studio today and set up my filming of my pet portraits again! It’s been so long, but I am delighted to be back. I need to set up a few things on my new laptop such as calibrate my monitor and so on before I can totally move back in. To be honest it tends be to hot in the summer months in there! Not a chance of me having got in there earlier in the week! Anyway the pet portrait I am filming is of guess what???? Yes another springer spaniel hahaha! I told you it’s all about the springer spaniels. However when these two delightful portraits we are having a semi break from the dog portraits. I have a few gift vouchers to do, but it will be back to the horses and a cat portrait! So lots to look forward to and some variation too. 

The kids will be back at school by Tuesday next week and then I can do more filming in my studio. I won’t be filming all the pet portraits I do as it can be a bit of distraction as my set up needs some work yet and as  result of it not being perfect I can get distracted by worrying about getting in the way and that the filming is going right etc. However I am going to look into some better equipment over the coming months. I need to find out the names of what I need. i need something that can hang my phone over the work, but not sure what it would be called. I will work it out. The kids really want me to set up a you tube channel. I think that would be beyond my capabilities at the moment, but you never know!  Love a challenge!