Wow I can’t believe we are actually nearly at the end of the month already. My week has started off well. My foot was stiff after doing nearly 7 miles on Saturday, in fact I was worried I had reaggravetd the injury l, but this morning I felt it was OK and went on my usual Monday walk. It feels OK. Still a little sore and tomorrow will tell me more, but feeling quite good about it! It makes me so happy to be think I can get back to it. I didn’t realise how much I had missed it.

Here are the basic stats to my walk.

Well that’s just typical. I am up on London tomorrow and its snowing like crazy here. In London there will be probably hardly any! It’s been raining for an hour or so, and withing 20 minutes of it turning to snow we have it starting to settle on the roads. I guess that’s the fun of living on top of the North Downs. It’s probably rain 5 miles down the road. Not looking forward to driving early in it tomorrow.

Anyway hopefully I will make it tomorrow and I can tell you all about it!

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, I was shattered after my course and still tired today. I don’t think it helped as it was so cold. My foot also hurts again as I have done an awful lot of walking the last few days!

It was a great day. I get quite nervous about doing things like this, so it shows how much I love the Nordic walking to do it and Liz is such a great instructor. So motivational.

It was a mix of class room work and out door practical bits. We had to take turns in kneading walks and leading warm up and cook downs. The class room work involved risk assessments, dealing with walkers with health conditions and spotting people in trouble. All very interesting and enjoyable. The group was a nice size of 8 of us and everyone was lovely.

It wasn’t fun getting up at 6am, spilling the milk all over the kitchen floor and defrosting and desnowing the car at 6.45am however. Nor was driving on the ice rink called star hill which hadn’t been gritted!!! But we made it!!

And the best bit I am now…….

Anyway I was still pretty tired after it all today. Its hard work travelling and meeting people you don’t know and being put on the spot a few times, so there wasn’t an awful lot done on the pet front I am afraid!

I did do a little more work on King’s portrait and I also posted Ozzy’s portrait. So I do have space in my living room again at least!

Well what a great end to my week! I ha a goo session working this morning, took the dogs for a walk in the snow and then sat down to watch Englands first game of the Six Nations. I am a huge rugby fan and the Six nations is the highlight of the Winter for me, I also know when it is over we are into spring! A great way to count down the longer and hopefully finer days.

First up was Ireland v England. Last year they snatched our grandslam hopes right from under our nose at Twickenham, so I think the boys were looking for revenge! And they did it in style. I really didn’t think we were going to win. Ireland have beaten New Zealand recently amongst other teams and were ranked number two in the world, plus we are playing them at home! We just didn’t let them play, the pack was immense, we gave away some penalties, but nothing like we have done in some games. Literally Ireland didn’t get a chance to get into the game at all! Amazing to watch. Even better we got a bonus point! I will have to watch this again tension free at a later date.