Today was a miserable day weather wise wasn’t it? Didn’t stop me nordic walking though. Boy did I underestimate how cold it was. I just about managed to stay warm in the biting wind. I really could have done with another layer if I was honest! However, as usual I had a great time. I can’t get enough of it, the only thing stopping me is my stupid foot injury which is still giving me a bit of grief.

It’s a busy week this week work wise. Lots of pet portraits to get started and first up are two dachshunds. Not in the same pet portrait, but I will be starting blogs on both of these tomorrow.

I am part way through framing Kings portrait and will finish up tomorrow and hopefully post.

One thing I am absolutely dreading is my baby Maggie is going in for her spay on Thursday.. I know its for the best and no more seasons will be a blessing, but it’s horrible knowing they have to go in for an operation. I will have to really busy myself on Thursday with portraits as a distraction. It will be a long day just sitting there waiting for the phone call! Please wish her luck!

It’s been a long day today. I was up early to walk both the dogs before Maggie went in for her spay today. All went well. It was was horrible sitting there waiting for the call to say she had woken up and all went according to plan. As it was keyhole she only has two little wounds, but she certainly is feeling sorry for herself. Not that I blame her. She certainly let me know she wasn’t very happy with me having left her there. I think I am all forgiven now though. All she really has done is sleep and follow me around dejectedly. She also winces a bit where she is tender despite pain killers, if I am concerned I will ring tomorrow, but pretty sure it is par for the course.

My poor daughter has a nasty bug too and my son has been ill also this week so it’s been a bit of an up and down one as for as working on pet portraits. However I plan to have a good weekend of work, after Maggies check up Saturday morning. I am not walking far with the dogs for obvious reasons. Oh I nearly forgot about the rugby on Sunday. Let’s hope for another brilliant performance from England again. What a match it will be if so.

Tomorrow I will be working more on Bubba’s portrait and I have sketched out some more to make a start on! Watch out for their blogs!

I am pleased to say my little terror seems to be back to herself. She was very quiet for the first part of the morning but a gentle walk seemed to raise the spirits along with a few cocktail sausages and other tasty treats. She was whimpering a bit last night but seems much more comfortable. She js even jumping on my lap again. Back to the vets tomorrow for her first post op check.

I have an ear ache. Not bad, but it’s dragging me down a bit in the evening so have taken some pain killers. After the vets it’s back to the pet portraits and starting Storm and also a westie called Oscar. I also need to get Badgers sketch on the huge canvas!!!

I haven’t really got a huge amount to say, it’s been a frustrating weekend work wise as I haven’t achieved what I planned, but that happens. I think after a walk tomorrow my focus will be reset and I will be raring to go. I just wish my foot would actually stop hurting. It’s had a solid weeks rest between nordic walks, apart from short ones with the pooches. However work might have not gone to plan, but England are one more step towards winning the 6 Nations and possibly the grand slam, which has certainly put a smile on my face! Another plus note is the puppy terror Maggie is back to herself and the checkup at the vets was all good as far as her wound goes. One more to go on Saturday and she can be discharged and we can get off the boring trudge of the pavements. Just in time really as we have George staying for a few nights! We love it when George comes to stay! Really makes me want a 3rd dog!