So it has confused me again, these sneaky bank holiday weekends and I should have started this yesterday. It has been a busy weekend. I have started and nearly finished Pickles and I have made really good progress on the Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle double dog portrait. Bundy and Beaker

Today has been a great work day. I feel like I have achieved lots. Bundy and Breaker are virtually finished, a good rest of my eyes tonight and a look tomorrow should see if any finishing touches are needed. I will also scan their portrait and Pickle’s portrait in and email my clients. Fingers crossed they will be pleased with their portraits. It still is a nerve wracking time, waiting to hear back from people about them! I guess it is the perfectionist in me.

I have a couple of lovely commissions coming up, Rebus and Geddy who I have both painted before. Their frame is arriving Thursday, should have been today, but the delivery driver didn’t turn up to collect. On this delivery is Bundy and Breakers frame too. Pickles is already here.

I have also still be busy with the Jolly Splashes commissions. Bella was painted over the weekend. I have painted her before in pastels alongside her fur brother and sisters, but this one is just of her, and I am so pleased with how her dapples turned out in this style.

Bella, an English setter watercolour dog portrait. Painte in bright rainbow colours of pinks, purples, blues, yellows and oranges with a pen outline

And I also completed a smaller painting of a gorgeous GSD called Bailey. I really hope I get to do his brothers and sisters portraits soon! Here is beautiful Bailey.

A beautiful GSD portrait in bright vibrant watercolours in the Jolly Splashes style, using blues, purples, reds, oranges and yellows

In other news, I am very excited to be setting up a new gallery on my website, for my Jolly Splashes pet portraits! I can’t wait to have them all on display in one place, rather than scattered throughout the website! It will looks amazing to see them all together on one page, I hope! I can’t wait to share with you when it is completed.

Today has been another super busy day. It gives me a massive sense of achievement when I get through what needs to be done. Or most of it. Bella’s portrait, above, was posted. Also Teddy the little watercolour Akita portrait I finished but have yet to share on here went. I scanned in both Pickles and Breaker and Bundy and Pickles is part framed and I would like to get out this week.

Phew I feel exhausted just thinking about what I have done today. That little lot just scratches the surface really, and I am still typing my blog at 11pm….I really need to learn to give in and rest. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day too. I have two new pastel portraits to start and another Akita watercolour to mock up for a big canvas. I do love being busy. I am just hoping NY shoulder feels better so I can walk on Saturday!

It’s funny, I know I have mentioned this before. I can have two or three mega intensive days and then I just stop for a day, or slow down. I don’t think that has quite happened after the last two days, but it is pretty obvious I am really tired from finishing, packing and posting everything I have. It seems to have been a labour intensive week really. I am intending to get a couple of small portraits finished by the end of the weekend, or nearly finished. I then have a gorgeous horse called Digby to paint. I can’t wait. It’s been a long time since my last horse portrait! I need to order a giant canvas for one of my watercolour, or I should say Jolly Splashes pet portraits. It really is all go. I am desperate to get back to my walking, but I am not 100% sure about Saturday yet. It is definitely better but I don’t know whether I want to push my luck. If I do I will probably skip Monday and do the walk Tuesday before our Pizza and wine evening. Yes I am actually out on a social! I can’t believe it!!

I have been thinking as I have been working ( a little slower paced than usual) I need to collate all my lovely photographs I have got from my happy clients over the last few months, I have had them before, but I have had some lovely ones recently and more frequently which is lovely. I have Filou, a lovely photo of two horse portraits now hanging on a clients wall. Ruth Bish who has had 5 off me now, Claire Brough’s, Badgers portrait on the large canvas, and there are more that I know of. I thought it would be lovely to put them all in a blog for you to see. What do you think? I am definitely going to start collating them and adding them to a blog very soon. It will probably make a nice change to listen to me nattering on about the usual stuff anyway.

Also, as I mentioned on my home page I have started a gallery for my Jolly Splashes pet portraits which can be found here. It is a bit of a work in progress, but I it is lovely to see them all together in one place.

I made it! I went nordic walking for the first time in over 10 days. I have missed it so much. It’s only when you do something you haven’t done for a while you realised how much you miss it. I guess it is a bit like my pastel pet portraits, I hadn’t done them for a while so revisiting them last week was so much fun. Hopefully you can tell from Breaker and Bundy and Pickles portraits!

We had all the walk leaders together for the first time in ever, so we had a our first group photo which was amazing. Trust me to be looking in a different direction as usual!