Anyone else still struggling to remember that it’s 2019 and to put it on the date when the write it! Hopefully it’s not just me.

Anyway I hope you are all settling into the rhythm of 2019 and it grey dull days aren’t too miserable for you. I often find this time of year a real struggle. The anti climax after Christmas. The dull days etc. I am not sure why, but so far it doesn’t seem to be affecting me too much. Maybe it’s the exercise I am doing. I hope so. As some of you may know I am doing Red January and have been making sure I get out every day. If it is I hope it will be the same next year. I definitely have noticed my depression and and anxiety has been better since getting out and about more regularly and I notice it when I don’t.

Anyway I have managed to start sketching out two new commission today. Daisy the cat and Meg the border collie. Blogs will be started on both of those within the next day or so.

My studio is desperate for a good tidy up after the Christmas period. I am a messy worker but it it’s lovely to have a tidy studio to work in, even if it is only for a short period!

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday evening. I had a skype call and I came own at 8.30pm and felt shattered after the night before as I was woken at 2pm by my dustbin rolling down the road! It happened a few months ago too, I didn’t even think it was that windy, but apparently it was enough to send me jogging down the road in my nightwear. I sight to behold I am sure!

I am nearly back to full working speed I think. I am working on a tricky labrdoodle with lots of curly fur and it is taking it’s time to come together. Also a border collie, Meg. I am swapping between the two as they are both very similar colouring, so it is quite easy to do that without getting too many pencils out all over the place.

My foot is still giving me pain. I keep hoping it is better, so I am really making a concerted effort to rest it. I might have to ditch RED january as I really wanted to ‘go for it’ and all I am really managing to do is short walks at best with the dogs. I did do my nordic walk on Monday and while it didn’t make it worse it certainly wasn’t good, so I really think rest has be had if I want it to actually heal.

Still little progress on my foot. Made worse by kneeling on the floor to play a game with my friends daughter today. I tucked my foot under me as I knelt. It didn’t hurt at the time but after it was painful again. I don’t think it has gone right back, but I am getting desperate to walk now. I am going to hold tight again until Monday and see how I go then. The poor dogs are getting frustrated to say the least. Maggie despite being tiny loves a good walk and my quick nips around the field don’t seem to be enough for her. My Jrt luke on the other hand is a lazy so and so and doesn’t care one way or the other.

Her is my little pickle Maggie trying to join in on mine and my sons game of chess earlier!

I got a lovely email from a client. I don’t know if you remember Steffi the weimaraner? My client ordered it unframed and she sent me an email with it all framed. They chose a lovely grey double mount and paler grey frame to go with the portrait and it looks fabulous!