And another week starts and it is less than 5 days until Purbeck. The nerves are starting to kick in now. My plantar fasciitis is niggling and I had to pull out of the long walk I had yesterday and only managed about 8 miles. It is going to have to be enough as I need to save my foot now. I might do a couple of hills Tuesday and see and a gentle walk Thursday with the group and the rest will be down to sheer grit and determination on the day – and some pain killers!

Back the pet portraits and the double spaniel portrait is nearly finished. A few tweak tomorrow mainly on the background and some highlights etc and the I think they will be ready for the scanner.

I have also been busy getting the last set of prints ready to go over to Mind this week. All go still at Sarahs Pet portraits. I will welcome the break this weekend even if I come back physically worn out instead of mentally. As they say, a change is as good as a rest!

Here is the progress on the double Spaniel Portrait.

Still 3 days on I am struggling with my foot. I have a very nasty feeling this half marathon is slipping from my grasp and I will become a tourist round swanage instead. I feel truly gutted. I only walked 3 miles today and I am now in a lot of pain. Whatever I do I feel like I am taking a huge gamble. I can’t really test my foot again because I think if I do there will not be enough time to recover, so it will be rest and then it will just be down to the day and what I decide to do. I really want this but ultimately I do have to think about my health.

I have, however been busy with the pet portraits, and I will be going upstairs to scan my two most recently completed ones. Henry the cat, and the double springer portrait. When I have scanned both these pet portraits I will ad them to this blog for you to see. I hopefully will be getting back to the more detailed and individual pet portrait blogs soon, probably after my weekend away.