It’s been a lovely weekend, and not as much work has been achieve, but we all have to have time off don’t we! It started off with a lovely Nordic walk on Saturday, dodging all the rain showers which was lucky because when it did rain, it was torrential!

We then went over to my brothers for a family BBQ, again dodging all the rain, and again, luckily as it was heavy! We got back late and I went straight to sleep, only to be woken up to Luke barking, I managed to stop him, and then he started again, and this went on from 12 until 2.30 am, until I shut him upstairs. Little did I realise I what he was doing. Oh no, not until I woke up at 8am to find a weeks worth of rubbish strewn across the whole of Knockholt main road! I hope they had a good meal as I muttered under my breath, picking up potato peelings! Not a happy bunny!

I have done some work though, and I have made good progress on my latest dog portrait, a painting of Ruby the Doberman! Progress and all the steps will be written about on my other website, just as it needs some content on there, but when I have started I will put up a link. For the time being, if you want to browse my unfinished site please follow the link!

Well I don’t know where you are, but if you are in the south east corner of England it has been a vile day weather wise. I mean torrential rain 90% of the day, but I still braved my Nordic Walk. There was just the hard core few of us! I have to say after about 20 minutes I didn’t notice the rain. I think it had more to do with the fact I was so wet by that point it was possible to get any wetter, we had reached saturation point!

Anyway with this crazy weather that only seems to be getting worse I have been hunkered down in my cosy little house working on all my gorgeous dog portraits I have lined up. I managed to finish the beautiful Ruby. Yay. I absolutely loved her portrait from beginning to end, especially the bluebells, I have a plan a for a stallion galloping through poppies this year too! All the pretty colours to buy, yippee!

Here is Ruby’s portrait all finished, I hope you like her.

Ruby, doberman dog portrait in pastels. sitting in the bluebells.
Ruby, doberman portrait

I am so sorry I have been quiet, you could make up my 2019 at the moment! I can’t complain work wise this week. It his been great finishing 3 pet portraits and new commissions, but my personal life has been a disaster and the week has ended up with my daughter breaking her arm! My poor baby is in so much pain and they can’t put it in a cast due to the position of the break! She was ambitious in thinking of going to school tomorrow, but I have said no. She is in far too much pain and a busy secondary school with kids knocking her poor arm around. No way. Anyway I will get up earlish tomorrow to get the stuff done that I didn’t, such as placing a frame order and organising my work for the next few days! Better blog posts to follow soon!

I have to say sometimes I think I am having the unluckiest year so far. I post all my pet portraits royal mail special delivery or parcelforce. Ruby is the 4th portrait that has gone awol. The others eventually turned up, but now I have Ruby to worry about and I was so delighted with this portrait I feel really sad and worried about her. What with that, Nicolas arm and a poorly puppy I am pretty fed up. I just hope I don’t have to repaint Ruby as it will clog up my already crazy schedule!

I have had a down day today. By down I mean chilled, me time. I have needed it really. I did a 5 mile nordic walk this morning to clear my head and then came back, ok I did some framing, and then had a huge nap and really haven’t done much else since. I am however updating this here blog! I am afraid some of my recent blogs are going to have to just be left until I get a chance to update them, not sure when or if at all. Obviously my daughter has to come first. She is feeling better, but she is limited in what she can do for herself so of course I am helping her. I really need to write about each portrait as I do it otherwise I forget the process. I will upload the finished paintings of each and so on, possibly tomorrow. I hope to get back to a normal working week next week, but for now apart from basic bits I am going to write this weekend off and get going next week. Saying that I have a few bits next week. Some pleasurable, others not so. But again hopefully there will be enough time to get underway plenty of pet portraits, so please do check back and thank you for bearing with me!

Oh and I meant to say, my two missing pet portraits turned up so that is a relief!