Well I have been threatening it for a while. I wasn’t overly pleased with my stag. I know I said sometimes they grow on you, but sadly he hasn’t. Saying that other people like him so I may put him into print. 

I don’t know if any of you who read my blog like my Facebook page Sarah’s Pet Portraits and Animal Art. If you do you may have seen I put a out a shout for a model for water colour pet portraits.

Wow. What a response. I am still going through them all. One dogs photo that caught my attention early was Blaze so I thought I would give him a shot. I decided to use similar colours to my stag. I must admit they are colours I seem to return to alot!

Well the first attempt at his portrait didn’t turn out well. So I tried again, determined not to let him beat me! So I tried again and this is the result.

I am now attempting a black lab portrait. Again I am not sure how it will turn out yet. I don’t have a great feeling about it, but I will see when the pen goes down. I find that Really makes the painting. 

I couldn’t upload the black lab yesterday, so instead of starting a short post about him I will add it here. 

These watercolour paintings measure 8×8 inches and if you are interested in commissioning one they are £65.00 and that includes postage. I will be offering 5×7 inches as well. Depending on the photos you send me and the composition will dictate what size your pet portraits will be. Of course I am happy to go larger if you would. Just contact me for more prices until I get a chance to upload my price list. 

I have scanned in Jack and Blaze’s portraits now. As you can see they are much better once scanned and you can truly see how bright the colours are in each piece. I am really pleased with how they both turned out.


On the subject of watercolours I have been liking for a copyright free photograph of some lemurs to paint and today I have found just the photograph I have been looking for. I can’t wait to start them. That’s all I am saying on the subject for now!

On the subject of watercolours I have been signing and packing prints to go over to Made In Kent. It’s a lovely gift shop that raises money for Mind. An amazing charity that helps with all aspects of mental health. As you may know I suffer with anxiety and depression and have used the services many a time. I love to be able to give back and this is a fantastic way to do so. 

If you are in gravesend at all, please take the time to pop in and have a browse some of the amazings the talent artists and artisans have produced for this lovely little shop. 

 Happy Saturday! 

red and orange watercolour painting