Wow. I can’t believe we are in the 2nd to last week of 2018. Next week I will do a round up of my year, but for now it’s still busy getting the last commissions packed and ready and posted. I have two pet portraits left to send. One is Amber the horse portrait and then the other is the painting I did 18 months ago of an eventing horse. I have had to get that portrait out of storage and cleaned up ready for my client to post. I am still so happy this gorgeous portrait is going to be going to his owner finally. I was so confused as to why someone would pay for a pet portrait and not have it delivered. 

I am hoping that everything will be gone by Thursday as last posting day is looming fast. I have sketched out the first of my new year pet portraits. I’d hope to get both done by very early January. Neither will have frames so they should be fairly straight forward to get done and post. 

I am feeling bad for the kids as I am yet to get the Christmas tree up. It has been so hectic coupled with two bouts of illness I dlhavent got quite where I’d like to be yet. However hopefully I am nearly there.. Just the last few presents to get and then I can get wrapping. Are you organised or are you like me and a last minute person haha! Every year I say it will be different, but it never is! 

I am shattered, I am not going to lie! One more parcel to go to the post office tomorrow and two posted today. I think I may sleep all over Christmas if I am perfectly honest! I certainly can’t wait to know that I don’t have anymore mad rushes for 48 hours anyway! 

As well as the post office I went out to get last minute stocking bits and wrapping paper so that can be done. Off walking tomorrow, it’s the work out walk and it’s pretty tough going, but nothing like a good work out to get the endorphines flowing and to feel better about things. I never believed that exercise could give you energy, it doesn’t feel like it to begin with, but now I feel great after a good blast with my poles. I shall have to make sure I keep up the fitness levels over the Christmas break.

I would like to get a few hours painting in tomorrow on Jasper if I can, so watch out for the blog!

That’s it! The last portrait has been posted, this one wasn’t a Christmas commission, but phew! I can tell you it was hard work taking a 10kg parcel to the post office after the workout walk I did this morning. It was very fast paced, with a jog up a hill. Oh my word I don’t really run anywhere, and then we also did the nasty bit of Yorks Hill. I am soooooo looking forward to bed tonight. Just hoping I can actually sleep a little better for once as I seem to wake 3 times a night. How I would love a solid sleep.

I have actually managed to start Jasper’s pet portrait today and I will be starting a blog. Link to follow. I think I might do it when I am chilling in bed. It just shows an artists work is never done. I also will be starting a horse portrait within the next few days. Maybe it is because I can’t put the pencils down as I love what I do so much!

I made good progress on Jasper today and pretty much nearly there. I had a lovely lie in, but soon regretted it as I have so much to do and needed to do today it got me in a tizz. However I think I have nearly managed it all. Lie ins are nice, but not so much when you have so much to do and they throw your plans out of the window. I guess I must have needed it!

Tomorrow is my last Nordic walk of the year. I probably should be resting as I turned my ankle over on a walk about 10 days ago. It isn’t my ankle that hurts but the top of my foot. I will just take it easy and rest it over Christmas. It is getting a balance between letting it rest and not loosing my fitness. It is hard work to get it back when it is gone and it goes so quickly. Hopefully with rest, ice and some ibuprofen it will be on the mend pretty quickly.

I can’t believe the next post will be on Christmas eve, but I am sure I will have lots to tell you before then. Even putting up my Christmas tree will be an achievement and something to write about as I haven’t managed it yet!

Catch up tomorrow!

Didn’t get a chance to add to this post yesterday as I was finishing up Jasper who will be off to the post office tomorrow. I also finally managed to get up the Christmas tree. I also posted the story about Wellshead Fayre which you can read about. It’s quite a lovely story really.

Half the Christmas presents are wrapped just Leo’s to go now. I can’t wait to see the kids faces on Christmas day. I hope they are pleased. Tomorrow I am going to finish up planning my new year’s work and I am afraid there will be a small price rise. I hate to have to do it but many of my materials have gone up and I haven’t had a price rise in 3 years I think now.

I am going to do a round up of 2018 shortly, I am looking forward to looking back on the year and sharing it with you!