What a star Kauto Star!
My recent painting of Kauto Star has generated a huge response with several requests for copies from my limited print run.
I’ve been asked why I chose to paint him now. Well I love painting horses. Horses have fascinated artists ever since day one. You can see they feature in many great pieces of work. Whistlejacket by George Stubbs is one that always springs to mind. Amazing painting to see in the flesh if you get the chance.
There is also nothing better than painting one of the great horses and it is always special working on a thoroughbred. I’ve had the image of Kauto Star for some time with the aim of working on him as one of my non-commissioned projects as soon as I had the time. I don’t get much time inbetween pet portraits to work on my own pieces so it was amazing to get the opportunity to focus on this great racehorse that went on to be a wonderful dressage horse too! What an amazign animal.
When I heard of his sad death it seemed the right time to paint him as a tribute to an incredible champion who led the field for so long. I was lucky enough to be given the reference photograph by my good friend Rose Lewis of Daydream Equine Art. She was kind enough to let me use the photo to create this wonderful portrait of a wonderful horse.
Don’t forget you can see more pet portraits in the galleries including Kauto Star in the Horse Gallery. If you would like more information on commissioning your own horse portrait or any other pet portrait please don’t hesitate to contact me with your enquiry
If anyone has any suggestions for other iconic animals that you’d like to see captured in pastel drop me an email, text or tweet. sarah@sarahspetportraits.co.uk, 07789 740865 and twitter