…………..you make silly mistakes! I have been getting new set of prints ready for Made In Kent and when numbering one I realised that I have already sold that number! So frustratiing as it is all framed and the COA is completed as well. I numbered it 17 and now I am going to have to change it, because although it is signed in pencil, it doesn’t rub out on the paper – grrrr. I think if I am really clever I can change it to 76 hahaha. Another job for tomorrow.

On the plus side Widgeon’s portrait has all been framed and my client is delighted. Here you can see him below. His portrait measures 12×10 inches and is in graphite

20171122_133755They live in Kent which is really handy as they are going to come and pick up, which saves me some time as I don;t have to package it all up and go to the post office!

I also made good progress on a cocker spaniel portrait today, hopefuly I shall get him finished tomorrow. My clients are away, but if I can get it done, framed and ready to go for their return that wold be fantastic.

I now have my cards and a few prints stocked in another shop in Redhill which is great news. The Little Lemonade Stand, so please pay them a visit if you are ever passing.

Tomorrow I shall post some progress shots of the cocker portrait, but now I am going out for a well deserved drink with friends!