I had an amazing day at the show at Coolings! I met a couple of people that I have met on the circuit before, so it was really nice to catch up with them. I had some great help from two friends, one who took my children out for a great day whilst I did the show and another who helped me pack and unpack both at the beginning and end of the show. My husband is disabled so I more often than not it is something I have to do myself, which is hard work! So I was extremely grateful for that help.

My watercolour art went down really well. I sold 6 prints which was amazing. I sold a Lawsey, Trunk Line, We Are Family, Bath Time, Gemma and Stag Lite

I also sold some cards, coaster and mugs and a cushion.

There was a steady flow of people all day. It wasn’t busy, busy, but consistent. I have to say I am shattered today even with all the help, so I am going to organise all my bits for tomorrow and have a chilled afternoon I think!

Back to the pet portraits tomorrow.