I’ve just finished and immediately sold ‘Amber’ (pictured) which is a bit of a diversion from my usual approach to creating my wildlife artwork.


Here ‘Amber’ is a beautiful tame fox that visits her adopted human family every day and they captured this beautiful image of her.

I’m lucky enough to live in a picturesque part of Kent on the North Downs where there is an abundance of great open and woodland backgrounds so I was able to set ‘Amber’ against this great blue bell field I photographed last year. In fact the client has also now commissioned me to paint a complimentary piece of wildlife art to join Amber.

And this has got me thinking that this year I will be going out a lot more with my camera gear to make the most of the great scenery on my doorstep to use in my work.

So if you’re thinking of commissioning a pet portrait or a unique piece of wildlife artwork together we can discuss a bespoke natural background which I can go out and capture (and mock up for you to approve) to really set off the chosen subject.