I had hoped to have leapt up and enjoyed my first hangover free New Years Day in a long time. I decided that with having bad anxiety and depression that it would be a good idea to stop drinking. To be honest New Years hasn’t been anything amazing for me for years, firstly my husband worked on the London fireworks for 10 years and and I had children so going out was never really much of an option. It didn’t bother me. Last few years we started going out more or having friends round, but to be honest it’s not really all its cracked up to be. Yes I love the fact it is a new year. 365 days to write a new story, do something amazing, be happy and create oppurtunities, but going out and staying up until 2am. Nah! Call me old, call me boring. I liked staying in and last year I was home by 9.30!

Anyway I digressed a bit. I didn’t spring out of bed. I have a bloody bug! Not a bad one but enough to keep me under par and take me back be at 8.30pm. My eyes are going. Don’t think sleep is far away for me now. I didn’t get anything done on TJ’s portrait ot sadly, but tomorrow is a new day.

I did managed to get nearly a 3k walk in for Red January so that’s good. It’s raising money for Mind. A worthy cause always!

Anyway I guess that’s it for me today! Hope 2019 brings you everything you want

I didn’t say yesterday, but we have actually just got back from a week away in Somerset. I always get exhausted after the Christmas madness so we decided to book a short break away reading for me to start New Years Pet portraits. It was lovely to recharge my batteries and now I really can’t wait to get started tomorrow. I did work on TJs portrait down there as I do like to dabble when away, but I put myself under no pressure

I walked the dogs and chilled infront of the fire and slept. Oh boy did I sleep. It was lovely to relax with the kids and dogs.

Poor Leo has to go back to school tomorrow but Nicola doesn’t start until Monday. I can tell you Leo is not impressed about that. Hey ho. Tomorrow I will definitely have a decent update on TJ.

Here are some of the photos of Somerset

I think today was a little bit more productive, maybe. I finished up TJ and you can read about his portrait here. I also got a commission for a huge watercolour canvas. That is going to be an exciting project. It is of a gorgeous little dachshund named Badger, she has the cutest of little faces. I have already completed a large dog portrait of a greyhound called Prince on the same sized canvas, which will be 30×30 inches. That works out, for those of you who are metrically minded, 76×76 cms. Now that’s a biggun!

Prince, 30×30 inch watercolour dog portrait on deep edge canvas

Here is the photo of Prince. It was so large I had to paint him on the kitchen floor. You can’t paint watercolours on an easel, they need to be painted flat unless you want the watercolours to run into each other and make a right mess! I don’t have a table space large enough, so the floor it was. I have to say it was fun juggling it around two dogs, and this time there will most probably be three to work around. Not like me to shirk a challenge haha!

My foot it still giving me grief. It’s so frustrating as I don’t want to loose the fitness I have gained over the last few months, but I did go on a gentle walk with the dogs. I think it is slowly getting there. I am hoping I will be able to get back to the nordic walking on Monday. I really miss it, as not only does the fresh air and getting fit feel good, it really helps my mental state Please keep everything crossed for me. I need to start training for a half marathon in September too!