I am going to sketch Bronte out tomorrow and start work on this gorgeous dogs portrait. I have started this blog tonight with not much to share, mainly to remind myself to add to it when I start. As I have been so busy recently my blogs have been somewhat neglected, so I plan to make up for it with this one!

Here is Bronte all ready for me to start work now, after a gruelling charge up Yorks Hill this morning!

Despite being shattered and taking a cheeky nap this afternoon after my walking this morning, I made good progress on Bronte. I really need to get him finished tomorrow and Max the labrador started and finished by the end of Monday. There will be some seriously long hours ahead to make sure my clients have their commissions on time. Phew. It was hard to call it a day tonight knowing what I have to get done, but sometimes it’s for the best. All being well I will get up early, crack on and have a good days work under my belt.

It is nice to be back to the dog portraits after the cat portraits, and it is going to be mainly dogs from now on in for a while, except I do have a horse portrait to do, yippeee!

Anyway, I digress, please see below a couple of progress shots of the portrait of Bronte. I have done most of the blocking in now and tomorrow it will be the fun bit. Detail, lots of fiddly and fun detail, to really make him come to life. My client wants a grassy background. I might do something similar to Oscar the Westie, out of focus, but more grass like. His look like out of focus leaves. I will talk more about that when I get to it tomorrow.

So far for his portrait I have used all the usual colours, ochres, venetian reds, tans, sepia, burnt umber, etc, but I bet you can’t guess the one colour I have used that you may find a surprise? I will tell you tomorrow. Any guesses on a post card!

I am not going to lie, my deadlines are so tight I really didn’t have much chance to think about taking progress shots of Bronte sadly. What with everything that has been going on and then of course the Easter weekend loses me a posting day, means I have to get two portraits finished, framed and packaged up ready to go out.

I made really good progress on Bronte, better than I thought. I had a very restless night and thought I would be really tired today. Well I was, but the panic of the looming deadline spurred me on to finish. My client loves it too! Hurrah.

Tomorrow I need to add her name and sign it and get her framed. I shall make that my first job. Indy needs to be packed up ready to go Tuesday as well, she is framed, but I just need to move some of those pesky specs between the glass and mount. Lets hope Monte behaves tomorrow as far as they are concerned!

Here is the scan of Bronte’s portrait, I can’t wait to see her in her frame. She will look lovely as it is a beautiful frame, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see!

Bronte the golden retriever portrait, painted in pastels with a grassy background. 10x12 inches. Ready to be framed

I have to say Bronte has not been well behaved today in the framing front! You have some that seem to aquire no specs and others no matter what you do, seem to be able to make them appear no matter what! Bronte’s portrait was the latter hahaha. Anyway I think I have removed them all, but it is to dark to tell now. It will have to wait until I return from walking tomorrow. It should then be a simple job to pack her up and send her on her way to her forever home!

Here you can see her all framed. I shortly found more specs and had to take it apart after this photo was taken!