By all accounts Florrie was an amazing dog! She was a rescue came from a litter of puppies that were put of adoption with her Mum. As you may know I am partial to terriers myself, having two of them myself. One one is a terrier cross, so it was a pleasure to paint her.

The portrait is 10×8 inches and it came with rather distracting background which I decided to change,a lthought I thought the colours complimented Florrie perfectly so decided to keep them in. Below you can see the reference photo for Florrie’s painting.

Reference photograph for dog portrait
Initial Stages of Florrie’s Pet Portrait

So after an initial consultation with my client it was decided that a landscape crop would be best for this pet painting. You can see from the reference photograph it lends itself to a lanscape portrait.

Also as I mentioned above I wanted to keep the colours of the background in, but not that catual background as it is a bit of distraction from the gorgeous Florrie and I don’t want anything to take away from her sweet face and specifically her ‘eyebrows’ My client mentioned they were key part of her features so I wanted to make sure they really stood out. As you can see they are really cute!


Now I didn’t take any photographs showing the step by step stages of Florrie, but I actually did some live streams on Facebook.

I have linked to them hopefully in order and I think you should be able to get quite a bit of information from them. I hope, anyway. I am planning to schedule a live stream ASAP. I had hoped either tonight or tomorrow, but I think it maybe Friday or Saturday now. Please like and follow my facebook page for more information.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

For my first attempts, I appreciate they need some improvements which I hope I will manage. When I get a webcam and a better set up all round hopefully it will.

Finished Portrait

I hope those videos helped give you some insight into how I create my pet portraits. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful subject than Florrie to be honest with you. They didn’t show me adding the final touches on as I do like to twist and move the portrait around to put all those finishing touches on. Would probably make you dizzy to watch, but below you can see the final scan of her pet painting.

Florrie, pastel pet portrait of a terrier

My client chose a lovely frame that matches the colours in the portrait perfectly as you can see from the photos below. Overall I am delighted with how Florrie turned out and my client is too. A wonderful tribute to a beautiful dog.

I think you can agree Florrie really is a sweetheart and my client was over the moon with here portrait. You can see more dog portraits in my gallery

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