These two gorgeous boys have both had their portraits one by me before. Geddy was the first a few years back. I think way before I was regularly updating my blog, and Rebus was a couple of years ago, and now I get to paint them in the same portrait! It is a little different to the usual posed portrait of two dogs sititing next each other, they are having a tug of war. I love to get a bit of action in my pet portraits!

Here you can see the previous portraits of Rebus and Geddy as I can’t find the blog posts.

Previous dog portrait in pastels of Rebus the flatcoat retriever
Rebus, flatcoat retriever portrait

And here is Geddy’s portrait. 


As you can see we have so far kept the green background in some form and this will continue for the double portrait as you can see from the reference photo my client has supplied for the dog portrait


Reference photo supplied from client for pastel portrait of Rebus and Geddy


I have sketched Geddy and Rebus and started blocking in the background and re-establishing the outline of the dogs as it was fairly feint. Sometimes it can get a bit lost, so it is good to work over it again. Hopefully you can see it, the photo isn’t the clearest! Sorry about that.

I am going to have to add the photos to this blog post tomorrow at some point I think. I have continued with Geddy and Rebus’s portrait today. More blocking in and various details added, I don’t think I will get it finished tomorrow, and probably not Monday either, unfortunately. But hopefully Tuesday. I don’t do much socialising but this week is full of of events. 2 nordic walks, helping Monday and Tuesday. But I will work evenings and when I have spare time. It will be surprising where I can find time to work on my pet portraits!

I have made better progress on these two gorgeous flatcoated retrievers portraits! I am really pleased with how their portrait is coming along. I am hoping a good session tomorrow afternoon will get me where I would like to be which is about ready to scan the portrait and send over to my client. I would also like to repaint the gorgeous Akita’s portrait Teddy which got lost in the post, but that may have to wait a night or two as everything is piling up. I need have been so busy I need a good week of getting my head down which should happen after Tuesday as I really don’t have much planned and there is no Nordic walking over the bank holiday weekend!

I should have checked better, but I just snapped away and didn’t think about it, but the photos of Rebus and Geddy didn’t come out very well, the progress photos of their portrait that is.

Anyway after a very relaxing morning I dragged myself back to work and managed to finish the gorgeous duo’s dog portrait! I am so pleased with how they have come out and so is my client. I will be busy framing their portrait tomorrow as well as starting another pet portrait, which again I shall write a blog about. This time I shall attempt to take better photographs of my pet portraits in progress haha!

Anyway, here is the finished portrait of Rebus and Geddy!

Pet portrait of two flat coat retrievers in pastels with a green background.

I hope you like them and if you are looking for a dog portrait of your own please drop me an email