I didn’t sleep well last night. It seems Google may have introduced a new algorithm which juggled the rankings about a bit. As this is my lively hood I do take the rankings seriously. I am not very good at SEO though. I am keeping everything crossed it is a blip. 

I have been having a very unsuccessful play with adwords today in light of this. Seems I haven’t managed to get that to work yet either. All a fun learning curve though

Yesterday was pretty disastrous as days go! My lovely cat Murray walked over two pet portraits and left his own art on them. Paw prints. Totally my fault as I left my studio door open, what can I say. I just don’t think my clients would appreciate ‘cat art’ all over their paintings! The first part of the day was spent firmly re-establishing it as my artwork and not his!

I also realised I had all the wrong prints ready for delivery to Made in Kent tomorrow so that had to be sorted out, another headache. The ink had also run out on the printer and Amazon delivered to the wrong address, so for a while I didn’t think I would get the COA’s printed in time. And then well no sleep until 1am made it a frustrating day!

I did managed to get this beautiful labrador portrait finished today though which pleased me. I have been struggling a bit with him as it is a large pet portrait at 20×20 inches and I used mainly soft pastel sticks as opposed to pencils. I find them trickier to master and get the fine details I want. I know of many artists that do a fabulous job with them, so I am determined not to let the sticks beat me!

Here is the photo of this gorgeous labrador. I am just waiting to hear back from my client now and his potential frame choices.

As you can see he is a rather handsome chap. Considering the popularity of labradors I am surprised I haven’t done more portraits. I think one of my favourites has to be the portrait of Plum. Her portrait can be found in dog pet portrait gallery, you can find many other of my dog paintings in this gallery. I have done many breeds, so many I couldn’t fit them all in so I have to pick a selection to share!

Tomorrow I am going to get cracking with Millie’s portrait and hoefully I shall have a nice bit of time lapse footage to show you at the end of the day.

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Labrador dog portrait