I thought I would a quick round up of all my recently completed pet portraits as I thought it would be easier considering my hectic last few days. I have also been working on Max and Tia’s portrait and I will be updating their blog tomorrow. Feel free to have a read in the mean time.

Most recently of the easel is the beautiful Betsy with her long an silky ears. Got to love the springer spaniel portraits! I have a feeling I have shared this one before, but hey I was so pleased with her portrait and I don’t mind showing her off again!

Betsy, Springer Spaniel Dog Portrait

I have been busy with the horse portraits as well. I have a gift voucher commission to start tomorrow and I have also just finished Shannon’s portrait. She was a beautiful dark bay that has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. I didn’t have the best photos to work from, but thankfully my client is delighted with her portrait, so I can frame her tomorrow. Below you can see a scan of her portrait.

I have made good progress on my other horse portrait, George, and I hope to have him finished within the next couple of days, and then it will be on the my 4th horse portrait. Puglsey. A gorgeous coloured horse. In between all this I need to prep a canvas for a large Jolly Splashes portrait, but first I must create a minature/small version to check my client is happy with the colours.