Started off the week with my usual Monday morning nordic walk and got home, whizzed to the post office with Maisy’s portrait. I felt absolutely shattered today so to be honest I haven’t achieved much. I felt a little burnt out, so I have quite early. I started framing Molly’s portrait and sketching out a couple of others so I can hit the road running tomorrow. Just wanted to check in really and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Today has been a bit of a mixed day, from great news to bad news. I haven’t said anything, but my large double horse pet portrait went awol last week. It has been a very stressful 5 days waiting for the search and for it to be found and then waiting for it to be delivered in one piece. Thankfully finally today it was and it survived. I always worry about damage when being transported so I pack them so well. Packing a pet portrait is often a good mornings work, I don’t take the task lightly! So after this one being missing for 5 days I was certainly grateful for the effort I put in!

I attempted to paint this evening but my bad news has left me totally distracted and unable to focus so I have decided to call it quits and start again tomorrow. I hope to be able to pick up the portrait up and finish where I left off but I fear it maybe a restart. We shall see. I really need to be in a good place with these. I am pleased with my colour choices so will use those again.

I have made good progress on Coppers pet portrait. A very handsome golden retriever but I will blogging about him on my other website. As soon as it started I will pop a link on. Tomorrow will also marl the start of Bella’s portrait, along with some scanning

I did revisit the rainbow watercolour painting in the end, but decided it was destined for the bin! My head space was NOT good, it hasn’t been much better today to be honest. However I have plodded on and redone it and much happier. I have his labrador companion to paint tomorrow, and then it’s a double watercolour pet portrait! I will scan them both I think before I show them as it really doesn’t do the justice especially in the evening when the light has gone.

So I think I was still a little exhausted after the other day, but slowly getting there. I have managed to lab rainbow watercolour pet portrait today and fiddle around, pretty much it though. Sometimes it goes like that. Can’t win them all.

I did go on my first work out walk of 2019 and it nearly killed me. I am sure that didn’t help, but mentally I feel so much better for it. I must get back to walkinf twice a week again, it really makes a big difference at warding off the depression and anxiety.

Tomorrow no matter what, it is back to the pet portraits with earnest. I am actually beginning to crave a good old session with my pastels!

I actually ended up having a pretty chilled Friday too. Sometimes I can be mybown worst enemy at knowing when to take a break from work and as usual I get to cracking point and end up too exhausted. I must admit I feel much better mentally today and managed quite a constructive day, keeping along the theme of watercolour pet portraits. You cannreaf about my latest one in this blog. Tomorrow it will be packing up some pet portraits and also cracking on with some pastel commissions.

I also have to memorise a map for Mondays walk, some thing that is quite hard as I don’t know the area that well. If it was Knockholt, Cudham and Halstead it would be easy. I should probably take myself for a drive around Ide Hill to help piece it all together as I think that is half my trouble! Anyway we shall see. Either way it is good practice for me!

I am slowly dragging my heels back into the world of pastels and paintings! I have missed it, and it felt good to start work on the pet portraits I have in progress at the moment. I also packed up three paintings ready to go to the post office tomorrow after my Monday Nordic walk. Tomorrow we are doing Beat the Cock route. Beat the cock is a bi-annual race that my instructor an her husband has set up. You can either run, walk, or Nordic walk it. There is a male and female winner for each category. I am yet to participate, being away for the New Years Day one, but I fully intend to give it a shot in June! I don’t think I will win, but I don’t think I will do badly either! It’s not all about winning anyway, or is it?!