So the world of Sarah’s Pet Portraits is getting back on track, well for the first part of the week. The rest is a bit of a mix between good and bad. First the good. My baby girl, my first born is turning 13 next month and as part of the celebrations I am taking her to friends fest on Thursday night. We can’t wait as we are both huge Friends fans. I just hope my foot holds up, I have bought a pair of crutches just in case. It is making small improvements, but I have been resting a lot so not sure how it is going to cope with a few hours being on my feet. Sadly the week ends with a not so happy event. Our good friend Tony died and we have his funeral on Friday. I still can’t believe it. He got diagnosed with kidney cancer in March which had spread to his lungs. His partner has been a very good friend of mine for over 20 years.

In other news I have made a start on Max and Tia’s portrait I am just waiting to hear back from my client regarding some amendments I would like to make to background.

I have also made a start on a gorgeous horse who passed called Shannon. The photos are a little tricky to work from, but with a little help from Google and my knowledge I am pretty confident I can get this lovely horse portrait done and her character captured.

I finished this dog portrait, Betsy. She is a gorgeous springer spaniel and she was a gift voucher gift last Christmas. I am delighted with how her pet portrait has turned out. Isn’t she a stunner?!

Beautiful pastel dog portrait in pastels of a black and white springer spaniel on a pale background, called Betsy