I don’t know if you read in my last blog, I think it was in Bella and Buddy’s blog that I am struggling with everything I have going on to do the detail blogs and even update daily at the moment. Just juggling the kids and their entertainment package over the holidays, work, dogs and everything else a domestic goddess – NOT, has to deal with, is making it tricky to keep up. However I still want to keep you abreast of everything that is happening at HQ, so it maybe that I put more info in here or combine commissions in blogs, but there certainly won’t be as many detailed step by steps for a few weeks. Sorry guys, something had to give and this was it.

So the last few days I have been working on a beautiful dog called Bella and I managed to finish her portrait today. I liked the grey background the pastelmat paper gave so I decided to keep that, but with some graduation from light to dark. Only very subtle though. Looking back at old pet portraits I often liked to do quite a contrast in this graduation, but not know, I feel it competes too much the painting! Funny how our styles evolve. I wish I could find some of my really early pet portraits, particularly when I worked in acrylics.

Bellow is Bella’s portrait. 10×8 inches, pastels on pastelmat

I am just waiting to hear back from my client, fingers crossed she likes it. She has chosen a simple black frame to go with the portrait. I think it will look smashing.

I have been framing Bella and Buddy today as well and as soon as it is properly finished, I will be sure to upload the photo in their blog, but if you are interested in reading about them now you can find it here.

I just realised there have been a lot of Bella portraits recently haha!

Next up is a horse portrait, a beautiful chesnut called Rohan

I hope everyone has had a lovely Monday. I have. I went Nordic walking with the gang this morning which was lovely, despite the rain. It was lovely to be connecting with nature again and also realising my fitness hadn’t taken a complete nosedive walking once a week. We id some tricky hills, but all were completed, my legs were complaining in the end.

I returned to finish the framing of Buddy and Bella and will get a photo of their framed pet portrait tomorrow. I also framed Bella the Italian Spinone’s portrait, so there will be a few winding their way to their new homes this week.

Speaking of pet portraits in their new homes, I received this lovely photo of Morton and Baiza having arrived safely in Oman, they won’t be there long as they are off to Canada soon to be in their forever home! You can’t beat photos like this from happy clients though.

I hope your week is going well, it’s been a lovely week here so far. I have some quality time with Leo, my friend an the dogs today, exploring the woods on the North Downs Way. I would love to walk more of it one day.

We went and found the old derelict swimming pool and changing rooms, there is also a chapel there, but you can’t see it because it is fenced off. I would love to share some history on it, but I can’t find my book on Knockholt unfortunately. I might try and do a web search.

As far as the pet portraits go I have posted off Buddy an Bella and packed up Bella ready to go tomorrow. I have made a good start on Rohan and would like to get him finished tomorrow, or pretty much finished as I have a lot more work to be getting on with!

I have a St Bernard coming up next that has been a breed I haven’t painted for a while and also a cat called Henry and two CKC spaniels, a returning client. It will be my 6th and 7th dog portrait for this particular client. I think he must be my biggest collector of pet portraits so far!

I have to say I do feel a bit better having taken the pressure off myself by not making myself post every day. I have to say I am not feeling great at the moment. Not sure if it is hormonal, I am over worked, stressed or both. I have been feeling constantly queasy for the last 4 or 5 days and just absolutely exhausted. Anyway enough of my moaning! I am sure you don’t want to hear my miseries and you’d rather hear about the pet portraits!

Latest off the easel is the gorgeous Rohan! What a beauty he is. A lovely horse commission which I was delighted to get and paint for my client as they lost him not so long ago. The reference photo was lovely and gives him a regal look. I removed the head collar as per my clients request and here is the finished piece. I hope you like it. I am framing today and I will share a photo of the finished piece once framed later or tomorrow.

Horse portrait in pastels. Chesnut horse with a white star with a sky blue background. Horse portraits in pastels