I think I am going to say this for every month this year, but how can it be nearly April already. I remember when you were a child an the days seemed to drag like you wouldn’t believe. Now I blink and a month has gone, blink twice and it’s the year. Everyone says time goes faster the older you get, that’s not fair, I want it to slow down. I have so much to do!

Talking about so much to do, the pet portraits list is nice and big, I have quite a few lined up for April. Might be able to squeeze one more in, we shall see. It depends on how far I get with Cooper and Bella’s portraits over the next couple of days. Cooper is coming along nicely and his progress can be seen in his blog.

It was gorgeous outside today, if you were lucky enough to venture out in it for a decent amount of time. I had an hour walking in the glorious sunshine and it was really lovely, even nice and mild. Lets hope spring is well an truly on the way. Walking through the woods you can see where all the bluebells are ready to flower. I love the bluebells! The carpet of blue can’t be beaten in all it’s glory anywhere I don’t think! I can’t wait to do some nordic walking when they are in all their glory!

I am trying to shake my crazy sleeping habits, so I am now on day two with no afternoon nap, I love my afternoon naps, but I really need to knock them on the head. Lighter lunches and a brisk dog walk after has proven successful so far, but I feel it now. I am shattered. It is 8pm after all and I am still working. I think I am going to down tools now I have updated my blog and try an get an early night. Unfortunately what has been happening is I seem to wake up at about 9/10pm and then can’t sleep until midnight up at 7am and shattered again by 1pm! I need to try though!

Yay, a full studio/painting day today, and two happy clients delighted with their pet portraits equal a pretty perfect day!! I love days like this and it feels so good to have achieved some quality painting time.

Tomorrow should be a good day as my Dad is back from Spain after being there for 6 or was it 8 weeks. I don’t know, but it’s been a long time. Lucky so and so.

Unfortunately tomorrow won’t be a full painting day as I have two, no three, portraits to frame and get out, plus some admin. If I can get all that cleared Thursday and Friday should be clearer for painting. I need to get Bella’s pet portrait finished by the beginning of next week really so I don’t have much time to relax! Lucky I love being busy!

I am shattered today. I have worked my little socks off to get everything ready for posting and delivery tomorrow. I am sitting here with my eyes dropping and it’s only 7.30. Please keep your fingers crossed I don’t do my usual of springing awake at 9 and the being awake for ages. I need to be up early tomorrow! First it’s my workout walk and then I need to deliver the double watercolour portrait! Then I think I will collapse. Friday is lunch with Dad, now he is back, and we are going laptop shopping after! Yippeee. I desperately need a new one.

Wow, what a workout walk that was today, it well and truly beat me. For anyone that thinks nordic walking is easy, please don’t be fooled! Oh my word, my instructor really knows how to make you work hard. I mean bloody hard. I can tell I have lost some fitness walking once a week. Well of course I have, York Hill damn near killed me. It was hard before, but I really struggled today.

As you probably may have guessed I like bright colours, I think my rainbow watercolours give that impression! Well it has crossed over into my active wear too. I wear amazing leggings by Tikiboo and Sturdy by Design and they are so bright an so much fun. It was a bit of a laugh in my group, but slowly, but surely others have started buying them too! We have to be the brightest nordic walking group out there and I love it. I love the fact they are all so much fun and lovely people. Here am I an my friend as tikiboo twins today! Aren’t the leggings amazing?!

I woke up feeling absolutely pants this morning. So tired I felt ill. Didn’t have a bad night to speak of, but still felt exhausted. I managed to work some more on Bella’s portrait this morning and then I went out for lunch with my Dad and brother which was lovely. After , Dad took me shopping for a new laptop as I have been surviving on one that is about 7 years old at the moment and whilst it just about does the job, it does have it’s limitations sadly. I wanted to set up my new toy but by the time I got back this afternoon I felt worse. I am not sure if it is a bug or what. I really don’t need to be ill, I need to get a lot of work done. I might have to skip the Nordic Walking tomorrow and go Monday. I am walk leader then, so better to miss the one where I am not needed. It will give me time to look at my laptop, get Bella’s portrait finished and so on. However we shall see what time I fall asleep and what I feel first thing before I decide. Fingers crossed as I would like to work. Foot is giving me a bit of grief too, so that might sway it. Don’t want to push my luck.

Every now and then I get a snippet of time to work on something for myself. I need to start a new pastel project, but haven’t settled on anything yet. I really want to add to my collection since the polar bears, titled Solar Polar was the last one I did and that took me, ooooh 3 years or something crazy like that! However, what I was leading up to is the fact I managed to do a watercolour piece, all for myself, of a tiger. I haven’t had a chance to scan it yet, but I am pretty pleased with the outcome. I think I might need to do a little work on the eyes, but over all I love the colours and how it has turned out.

It turns out it’s the lurgy! Typical! Never mind, it hasn’t put too much of a spanner in the works, yet. I manage to finish Bella and have upload the final scan to her blog. I also managed to scan in the little tiger watercolour painting I finished earlier in the week. I am really pleased with her, I think she looks like a she! She is available to purchase if you are interested. Watercolours on paper, 6×6 inches and is £60 posted. Just email me for more information.

Happy mothers day to all you wonderful Mums out there. I hope all your hard work, love and support has been recognised today and you have been thoroughly spoilt.

I would have been if it wasn’t for this lousy damn cold that kept me awake until gone 4am this morning. Absolutely shattered and feel totally rubbish. I have only managed a little work today because of it. Just basic stuff like replying to emails etc and I did managed to get Bella framed too.. I was right she looks absolutely stunning! I love the frame and I hope I get a more orders for it.