My birthday week! Although I can’t really make a week of celebrating like I did last year isn’t a special birthday. 41 isn’t special at all. I must admit I don’t like being 41. It never bothered me turning 30 like it did a lot of my friends, but 40 has really not gone down well. Hey ho. Still a couple more days in my 40s as it’s not actually until Friday.

I have been busy working on a double horse portrait this week and it’s going really well I think. Tomorrow I plan another full day on it. In fact this week has been a full on painting week which makes a really nice change.

Thursday I hope my blister from my 8 mile walk on the weekend will have healed sufficiently enough to do my first work out walk of the year. My foot injury has been a little sore, but not with walking, just odd movements, since Saturday which has really pleased me. I definitely made the right call not walking back, if not just for my foot injury but the blister too. I dread to think what state it would have been in by the time I had got back if had walked both ways.

Another productive day in Sarah’s Pet Portraits Studios today. I have made really good progress on the double horse portrait, but by the time 3pm came round I had to have a break. My poor eyes just couldn’t see what I wanted to see anymore. I think any more than three consecutive days painting is very tiring on the eyes and pretty much my limit.

Tomorrow I hope to go Nordic walking followed by a cuppa with my friend. I will have a couple of hours to do admin, like make a frame order and such, and then by early evening I should be ready to do another good stint.

I might have a complete break from the double horse painting and start either Maisie or the Jack Russell portrait. Both have been sketched out ready to go.

Well today was a mixed bag. The roads around us were completely gridlocked due to an accident on the M25 earlier this morning. Absolute chaos. I only made it about 3 miles down the road before I aborted my mission to get there and turned round to go home and make another cuppa. Even if by some miracle I had made the walk it was no better for people returning, so to be quite honest, although disappointed I couldn’t make it, I was glad not be stuck in that traffic.

However dosappointing that was, it actually served me quite well for work. I managed a really good session on the double horse portrait and also made a start on Molly the Jack Russell’s portrait. Further ahead than I thought I would be this week. Every cloud! And I still made a cuppa with my friend and had a birthday cupcake!

What a lovely day I have had! 41 today and 5.41 mile walk with the dogs and my lovely friend, followed by pizza. I got leggings and money and mugs, a book on walks and money which I have put towards some better (hopefully) hiking boots. Turning 41 isn’t so bad after all! I feel very lucky.

My client loves the horse portrait so that’s great news and also I have had the approval on Queenie’s portrait too, so good news all round!

I am shattered as I didn’t sleep well last night on top of a long walk, so I’d better sleep tonight. I would love to walk tomorrow, but need to get some framing done and get ahead as I am still not quite caught up, but getting there. I hope! I will walk Monday though for sure and hopefully Thursday next week. Need to start thinking about getting my fitness up for 16 miles in September and I would rather do it gradually than rush it! Got to be mindful of my foot though as it did ache today. I wonder if it was because I wasn’t using my poles. They definitely make you lighter on your feet. I have to be honest it felt weird walking without them!

I still felt shattered today and have spent most of it framing. It is a such a fiddle as you can read here, but it will be worth it to see it when it’s done. Hopefully the remainder of the task should be straight forward tomorrow, wish me luck.

I didn’t take Maggie out today as she was still shattered from the walk yesterday, but I will take her tomorrow. I watched to rugby and England had a fab game, such a shame we didn’t manage it against Wales two weeks ago! So frustrating. Still it’s not all over until next week. Fingers crossed!

Today has been a little stressful with power cuts, kids arguing and not really getting enough work done. I feel like I have a lot of pressure on me to get a lot done in the next few days as we are forecast another storm, worse than today’s which may cause more power cuts. Not very helpful, but obviously completely out of my control. I can go to my friends house as luckily her cables are under ground, but of course no guarantees I can get there as two routes to her house were blocked today. It’s giving me a massive headache! Hey ho, I will just have to get my head down and get as much done as I can. I manged to do some more work on Molly’s portrait and get Maisie sketched out and she will also be started tomorrow after my walk in the morning in my lovely new boots! I hope they continue to be this comfortable as so far they feel amazing, but I have only pottered around the house!